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Our business is providing fit-for-purpose fluid power maintenance solutions for industrial fluid systems.  Our solutions ensure customers save money 24/7 on operating and capital expenditures by maintaining cleaner than new fluids on their capital equipment.  Our customer guarantee = No Cure, No Pay.

We can stand by this guarantee because our solutions are based on proprietary and patented designs along with years of technical know-how.  We have developed fluid maintenance solutions for a wide range of industries, where our successess are operating world-wide.

Enhanced Operations

80% of breakdowns in fluid power equipment are due to fluid contamination in the form of particles, acids, and water. Expensive captial equipment is only productive and useful when in good working order.  Unscheduled repairs and downtime are often followed by significant consequential damges like lost revenue, earnings and unhappy customers.  Our solutions continuously remove particles down to 1 micron, water down to 100 ppm, thus maintaing the fluids at better than new oil. Operating your fluid power equipment with one of our solutions will ensure that clean fluid is running through your system 24/7, reducing break-downs and improvingoving productivity.

Cost Savings

Oil fluid maintenance solutions immediately save money on operating expenses, and over time, on captial expenditures by:

  • Reducing fluid consumption
  • Reducing inspection/maintenance costs
  • Enhancing operating efficiency
  • Prolonging the life of the equipment
  • Reducing energy consumption

Operating fluid power equipment with clean fluid improves performance and reduces friction.

Environmental Benefits

We help our customers make smart environmental decisions - choices that save natural resources, the environment and money. We are making commitments to waste reduction and sustainability by adopting environmentally friendly policies and practices.

By keeping clean fluid in your systems, you will experience up to 95% reduction in fluid changes and waste. You will also see your system use less energy with improved fluid quality and reduced friction. Furthermore, longer lasting equipment means reduced replacement frequency. Our solutions not only help you save money, they will also help reduce your environmental footprint.

Our Solutions