Filtration Technology

At Micron Eagle we fully understand consequences of fluid contamination and that approximately 80% of component or system failure is attributable to contamination of fluids through wear, ingress of contaminants or breakdown of the fluid itself.


We provide a fit for purpose filtration solution to ensure you minimise unplanned downtime, reduce operating and capital expenditure by maintaining cleaner than new operating mediums.


We support this claim by the use of proprietary and equipment, along with many years of experience and technical knowledge, resulting in fluid maintenance solutions across a wide range of industries.


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Clean Oil

Cost Savings


  • Reduced fluid consumption
  • Reduced inspection/maintenance costs
  • Enhanced operating efficiency
  • Prolonged equipment life expectancy
  • Reduced energy requirement

Environmental Benefits


We are committed to waste reduction and sustainability.


Reduction or elimination of fluid changes, by maintaining a clean system, will reduce waste and increase the life of your equipment.

Fluid Quality Sensor


To compliment the benefits of our filtration technology, we can provide a Fluid Quality Sensing System.


This will monitor the fluid in real time, enabling constant updates and alerts, indicating changes in fluid condition.



  • Early notification of system problems
  • Analysis of system efficiency
  • Real time data logging allowing specific timing of an event
  • Warning of possible component failure
  • Exceptionally high sensitivity and accuracy
  • Reduces frequency of offsite fluid analysis