Delta-Xero Purchase

The modern approach to fluid conditioning

Typical Delta-Xero results


Thoughtfully engineered

Transforming your system fluid from consumable to asset

  • Delta-Xero patented technology achieves class leading fluid decontamination.
  • Delta-Xero reduces your company’s impact on the environment.
  • Delta-Xero gives your equipment the improved performance it deserves.
  • Delta-Xero maximises your fluid and component life.
  • Delta-Xero reduces equipment downtime.
  • Delta-Xero delivers technical and commercial value (ROI)


Traditional industry standards for fluid cleanliness are surpassed by installing Delta-Xero fluid conditioning systems.

Particles in oil by size and weight

Break down of contamination percentage down to 0.1um

Screen type filters have historically been the ‘go to’ option for filtration.

The Delta-Xero system delivers fluid decontamination exceeding traditionally accepted levels.

The DX1000 Series ‘Kidney Loop’ offline conditioning unit can be easily fitted to either an existing or new application.


Optimal oil quality by removing impurities

  • Particulate >0.1 µm
  • Bacteria
  • Water (free and emulsified)
  • Oxidation products (Sludge, resin and varnish)


Scalable/Adaptable to your systems

– From small to large tray assembly- 1 to 3 DXO cartridges on single tray max 12 cartridges per single unit

– compact bulkhead / wall assembly- 1 to 3 DXO cartridges on single mount max 12 cartridges per single unit

– Light and compact


Available Options

    • Air powered, 1-12 DXO cartridges, tray or wall mount
    • Pressure fed (max 5 Bar inlet pressure) 1-12 DXO cartridges, tray or wall mount
    • Atex
    • Fluid condition monitor
    • Particle counter
    • Mobile unit

DXO oil cleaning cartridge, 0.1 mic

  • Compact, patented
  • Stackable DXO cartridges, simplifying servicing
  • Low weight ratio
  • One access point < 3 cartridges
  • Effective
  • Exceptional cleaning capability


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