Our experienced team undertake a variety of projects from initial development to system overhaul, understanding your requirements and supporting you through all phases of a project.


Examples of completed projects:


  • Turbine Starter System Upgrade and Maintenance
  • Power Generation Hydraulic Control Systems
  • Ballast System Upgrades and Replacement
  • Reel and Tensioner Control Systems
  • Turbine Lube Oil Flushing and Filtration
  • Dive Handling Systems
  • Deployment Control Systems
  • ROV Support Systems
  • System Troubleshooting/Fault Finding
  • Testing and Commissioning

Systems and Power Units


MEH over the years has become a leader in the supply of Hydraulic Power Units to a diverse range of industries, be it a small fixed displacement single function power unit to complete project specific multifunction systems.


Utilising our engineering experience, we can offer you the right solution.


  • Diesel Driven Hydraulic Power Units (Variable/Fixed Displacement)
  • Electrically Driven Hydraulic Power Unit (Variable/Fixed Displacement)
  • Electro Hydraulic Control System
  • Remote Control Systems
  • PLC Based Control Systems
  • High Pressure Systems
  • Bespoke Manifolds
  • Offline Filtration Systems Click for filtration technology


All units can be supplied with necessary certification for on and offshore use including ATEX Certification where required.

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Our in-house controls engineers develop, specify and manufacture electro hydraulic control systems utilising the latest industry specific hardware and software, whatever your needs, whether it be a simple unit starter panel or complex PLC based system controller.

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