Micron Eagle Hydraulics Assist In Offshore Work Scope

Micron Eagle Hydraulics Assist In Offshore Work Scope

Our Engineering team were tasked to provide assistance in the pre-mobilisation and installation of replacement flexible hose assemblies to a large offshore system.

Phase 1 was to take delivery of the replacement system flexible hose set. Inspect and confirm the assemblies received were correct and identify any shortages / discrepancies against the register, and facilitated the DNV element of the checks. We were also tasked with the manufacturing of additional hose assemblies.

Once all the checks were completed the ‘Installation Hose Set’ was dispatched to the installation, along with our own dedicated workshop/hose assembly container.

Phase 2 involved the mobilisation of one of our highly trained technicians to assist the customer with the removal of the existing flexible assemblies and the installation of the replacements.

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